Goodwill Industries of Lorain County is one of the best local resources for outsourcing work to area businesses who need an efficient, dependable, quality-oriented operation to meet their specific needs of business.

Partnering with Goodwill provides an additional workforce that operates in-house and on community- based contracts for a wide variety of businesses and government. Revenue generated supports the agency and its mission programs. Services provided are performed by individuals who have received training and resources to overcome barriers to employment. Our Industrial Services employees are proud to have a record of 100% on-time completion while maintaining high quality standards


Contracting with Goodwill to provide your business services strengthens our community. People assisted with employment and training contributes to the economic development of this region.

By putting Goodwill to work in your business, you are also helping others begin their careers. We offer business services such as packing/packaging, assembly/disassembly, labeling, addressing, stapling, baling, sorting, inspection, janitorial cleaning, fulfillment, transportation ....AND MORE.

Services We Provide

  • Labor Outsourcing

    Goodwill can supply a Team of experienced sorters, packagers, or quality control experts to work at YOUR job place.

  • Light Assembly

    Goodwill can perform single-step and/or multi-step tabletop assembly in our facility, freeing up your workforce and job space. We also provide disassembly services!

  • Fulfillment

    Goodwill can take your package your product and then provide labeling and shipping services from our building.

  • Janitorial Services

    Let Goodwill’s experienced janitorial Team provide after-hours office cleaning at your buildings. We also do construction site cleanup, as well as pre-occupancy cleaning services for both commercial and residential projects.

  • Transportation

    Goodwill’s fleet of small trucks and expert drivers can provide quick local pickup and delivery services as needed.

  • Baling and Sorting

    Goodwill can sort your recyclables, and even bale them after sorting for easy pickup by your chosen vendors.

  • Packaging

    Goodwill can package your product into your supplied packaging in our building. This frees up your workforce for production while we package!

  • Computer Recycling

    We've partnered with Dell Reconnect so we can take and recycle your old computers. More Info

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